Chasing Your Dreams

You are told you have one week left to live. What do you wish to accomplish before your time is up? Think about that. For every second you spend here on this earth, the clock is ticking closer to the time you leave this earth. Do you do anything about that? Chances are you don't. … Continue reading Chasing Your Dreams

October Quote: Small Steps Every Day

I’m sure now that summer is over your life has picked back up into some sort of busy routine. You’re likely scrambling around, still trying to figure things out and feeling like you are on a time crunch for everything. You may already be stuck; you have such a large to-do list you don’t even … Continue reading October Quote: Small Steps Every Day

How to Actually be a Good Listener

Usually, if someone comes to you with something that has been on their mind, they trust you enough to tell you. If you are the person who others come to, you should feel pleased. However, you must show them that they deserve your trust. With trust comes honesty, compassion, comfort, understanding, empathy, support, and acceptance. … Continue reading How to Actually be a Good Listener